Friday, February 1, 2013

Rain, rain, rain

Friday, February 1st

It poured rain all day. Several events were cancelled. Luckily, Brandon didn't have any competitions today. Pam and I went on a tour of Gangneung. The tour bus was awesome. Brand new bus that still had the protective plastic on the TV and clock.

First we visited a fish market. The city is on the east coast (Pacific Ocean). There was dried fish and fresh fish. Wow, this market went on for several blocks. Here's pics of dried stingray, live crabs stacked up, and some other fishies.

Our next stop was a gramaphone and Edison museum. Huge collection of antique music players, and stuff Thomas Edison invented.

Lunch was delicious and we stuffed ourselves and really have no idea what we ate. Our tour guide took us to a traditional Korean restaurant. 

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